GEM Startup Assistance Grants: Flexible funding provided to new or emerging ventures looking to secure a foothold in the Goleta area. Eligible applicants include seed-stage startups incorporated in the past 5 years and individuals/teams looking to incorporate within the timeframe of the grant.

New Venture Competition: Since its beginning in 1999, the UCSB New Venture Competition (NVC) provides a unique opportunity for UCSB students to learn how to start a business. The NVC is an eight-month educational experience, with activities and curriculum spanning the entire academic year.

CNSI Technology Incubator: Laboratory bench space and office space available for lease and a rapid prototyping/maker’s space.  Lease includes access to all CNSI-managed shared research shared facilities at the academic, internal use rate.

CNSI Innovation Workshop: A maker-space and rapid-prototyping facility. Tools include 3D printers, a laser cutter, and a CNC router – all with easy to learn user interfaces – as well as hand tools for mechanical, electronics, and plumbing assembly. The Innovation Workshop is open to on campus researchers, students, and companies.

Wilcox new venture incubator-accelerator at Mosher Alumni House